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Colon Bowel

So, the New York Times is ready for their hero, Colin Powell, to rein in all of those evil conservatives who just keep running roughshod over his State Department in the formation of foreign policy. I even love the language -- Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz are sharks, and so is Karl Rove (because it's all really just a plot to placate the far-right, never mind that this President's "base" is the most solid in recent memory, at least since Ronald Reagan's).

There's just one problem for the NYTimes -- Colin Powell isn't really a foreign-policy visionary along the lines of Henry Kissinger, but a former military man who is used to "getting along" and getting promoted in a structure that doesn't encourage, as some would say, the "vision" thing. Or as Rich Lowry once put it, the man lacks ideas.

Will the real Colin Powell stand up and take charge, the NYTimes wonders?

The answer: He's been standing the whole time.

[Posted at 19:29 CST on 07/28/02] [Link]

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