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More Blar

I don't know that Bill Clinton helps himself with these sorts of comments.

Yeah, it's kind of lame for some conservatives to lay the blame of the market collapse on Bill Clinton's frolicking with an intern.

And it's lame for some liberals (and journalists) to lay the blame of the market collapse on George Bush's business ties.

It would be nice if more people were talking seriously about the real causes of the market problems, and what should be done to fix them, if anything (because if part of the problem is, say, deflation, then the recent accountability legislation really isn't going to do much, and it may do harm).

Kind of strange that so many people who were SO ready to push Bill Clinton off the political stage now find him a convenient whipping boy to drag back on to the political stage. Don't they remember how THEY (we?) usually became HIS whipping boy on those occasions?


[Posted at 01:33 CST on 07/28/02] [Link]

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