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More Of The Dean

I've written before about David Broder, that gasbag of (liberal) conventional political wisdom, otherwise known as "the dean." Today's effort has a particularly noteworthy paragraph in an otherwise predictable appeal to roll back the Bush tax cut (which somehow is tied to corporate accountability):

But as Robert Rubin, the former Clinton administration treasury secretary, whose judgment and integrity are praised by Republicans and Democrats alike, has said, Washington's policing of corporate behavior is less important than its willingness to put its own fiscal house in order.
Hmm... while we're on the topic of corporate accountability and Mr. Rubin, perhaps "the dean" ought to consider this piece by Mark Levin, who suggests that Citigroup's Mr. Rubin may not be nearly so squeaky clean as he appears.

Will anyone call "the dean" on this column? I wouldn't bet on it.

[Posted at 21:01 CST on 07/24/02] [Link]

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