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Better Late Than Never

The Chron posted this little news item on 19 July, which I commented on the next day.

Apparently the Chron's crack editorial writers were much too busy to write about the matter right away, but they have finally gotten around to blasting Mayor Pothole (whom they endorsed twice in the last election):

For reasons that are either shameful or incomprehensible, Mayor Lee Brown wants to allow officers and board members of nonprofit organizations to make campaign contributions whenever they like. The improper role of money at City Hall is frequently on display, but the link between cash paid and influence wielded could not be made plainer than the mayor's proposal makes it. . . .

Those who serve on the boards of nonprofit organizations presumably are doing so to enhance the public good and enjoy the prestige such service confers. If volunteers need to give money when seeking mayoral and council support for charitable endeavors, then Houston desperately needs a new mayor and council members.

Why, yes, Houston DOES desperately need a new mayor! Too bad you guys didn't throw your weight behind that when it mattered last election.

And the notion of the Chron calling out the special interests that influence City Hall is a little like the notion of Democrats suddenly calling out judicial activism. Credibility is a bit of an issue.

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