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I remember about a year ago when Orlando Sanchez suggested Mayor Pothole was neglecting the city's public works and public safety. Pothole, a former chief of police in Houston and New York (remember Crown Heights?), and his cronies scoffed at the charges, although they tried their best not to talk about his record as New York police chief (disastrous mess).

Now, a local television station is reporting that the police department's helicopters are being grounded because of Mayor Pothole's "budgeting." Never mind that this is Houston, a sprawling city that actually can put air support to good use in policing.

It does kind of give Mayor Pothole's "neighborhood oriented policing" a whole new meaning, though, huh? Pothole's supporters must be very proud of the city under his leadership.

[Posted at 22:39 CST on 07/22/02] [Link]

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