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Mayor Pothole, Hard At Work

Here's a local news item that seems largely to have slipped under the radar screen:

In an effort to fix a problem that few are sure exists, Mayor Lee Brown wants to make it easier for board members of nonprofit corporations to donate to local political campaigns.
One would think Mayor Pothole might have more important things on his mind (say, the Public Works department). But no doubt some of his patrons wants this done before he leaves office (with no guarantee that the chosen lackey of the Greater Houston Partnership will be elected mayor next time).

Councilmen Bert Keller and Carroll Robinson oppose Mayor Pothole's initiative:

"They should have to be in the blackout period, as does anybody else who has an incentive for council to vote one way," he said. "I don't profit if I get a road redone in my district. But do I want it, and do I profit by voter appreciation? Yes. There's other types of incentives."

Councilman Carroll Robinson argued against changing the ordinance, noting that "some of the most influential people at City Hall and in our community" serve on nonprofit boards.

And some of those same people have Mayor Pothole's ear.

[Posted at 23:57 CST on 07/20/02] [Link]

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