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Cross Canadian Ragweed

For you Houstonians into the whole red dirt/Americana/Texas music scene, a good band will be making an appearance at Cactus Records Friday at 6 pm.

Cross Canadian Ragweed is scheduled for an acoustic performance. Usually St. Arnold's is on hand for free beer. And unlike the Flatlanders a few weeks ago, Ragweed really is scheduled for an acoustic performance (and not just a silly autograph session).

It will be good to see the Boys from Oklahoma.

(07-19-02 Update) My good friend Dave Hamby sends along the following (amusing) news:

Thought of you several times this week as I was traveling through south central/southwestern Oklahoma. The two of most interest this morning:

1) I screamed in horror when I realized I was on Garth Brooks Blvd. in Yukon.

2) I don't know if you'd heard the story, but some "ruffians" vandalized the water tower in Yukon. It's professionally painted to read, "Home of Garth Brooks" and lists the state championships in football. But, at the bottom of the tower, someone spray painted (very tastefully) "Home of Cross Canadian Ragweed." The band has denied its involvement, according to a recent article in the Tulsa World. But, I thought it was funny.


(07-20-02 Update) During the performance, Cody Canada told a story of how the band challenged their concertgoers to make the "alteration" to the Yukon water tower -- and lo and behold, someone did. :)

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