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To Hell With Texas Wines

UH political scientist Dick Murray's love of wine is well known in the department, but I had no idea that he was part of a group that (successfully) challenged a Texas law against the direct import of out-of-state wine (a law intended to protect Texas wineries -- gawd forbid).

I haven't read the decision yet (and may not -- there's only so much time in the day!), but the law strikes me as a fairly clear case of impermissible interference with interstate commerce. The appeal to the 21st Amendment seems weak to me. But again, that's just my musing without having examined the case.

Thanks to Charles Kuffner for noting this one (and if that link doesn't work, Kuffner writes on his main page that Movable Type and his own domain are just about ready to go)!

[Posted at 19:31 CST on 07/18/02] [Link]

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