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Cocoa French Fries

I just can't get excited about OreIda's new line of french fries.

Somehow, a blue french fry reminds me of the college days, when the color of food was an indicator of just how long it had remained in the fridge past the "use by" date.

And cocoa-crispers french fries? Hmm... let's see... potatoes are already one of the highest glycemic-index vegetables there is, so let's ADD SOME SUGAR for the kids, and some chocolate flavoring. Yeah, THAT seems like a good idea. Never mind the notion of potatoes and chocolate mixed together. Unlike the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, these are two things that JUST DON'T GO TOGETHER.


[Posted at 01:30 CST on 07/18/02] [Link]

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