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Drayton's Plan All Along?

John Lopez, a Chron sports columnist, argues that Drayton McLane's latest announcement really shouldn't be a surprise, as the Asstros owner has been plotting to maximize the value of this team to sell it for a while now.


I've been critical of Drayton McLane, but even I haven't gone that far. Not that it isn't plausible.

And another Wow, because Chron columnists are rarely so edgy or provocative.

In any case, even if you don't buy into the Lopez theory, it's hard to disagree with this:

Certainly, now we should not be fooled into believing that this is just a sad tale of a poor owner with good intentions forced into no option but putting up a for sale sign.
Never did. Drayton McLane's "good ol' country boy" charm doesn't do much for me. Every time I see or hear him, I have the sneaking suspicion he's lying or spinning. That's just the impression I usually get from the man. And this "woe is me" act is getting as tired as Bud Adams's wigs.

[Posted at 00:46 CST on 07/18/02] [Link]

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