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Poor Drayton

Major League Baseball continues its suicidal march towards a strike.

Asstros owner Drayton McLane is he will sell the team unless the owners can strike a labor and revenue-sharing agreement more to his liking.

Of course, Drayton has resorted to this type of threat before: when the Asstrodome no longer generated enough cash for him, and he wanted the city to build a new quarter-billion dollar playpen. He even made it seem as if he just might be forced to sell to a northern Virginia group that would move the team. Won't it be nice if Drayton is "forced" to consider such a sale again?

Surely not, you say? We'll see.

In any case, I'm not very convinced by this:

McLane said he understands that people will question the validity of his numbers.

"The numbers I'm showing you are valid," he said. "But I understand people are still going to wonder if the owners are telling the truth."

What numbers? Show us your books, and all revenue streams (including stadium concessions) if you expect to be taken seriously.

And stop with the threats already. Too much more of that and you might just get the Bud Adams treatment.

[Posted at 00:20 CST on 07/17/02] [Link]

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