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Although I got tired of working on the old 8 More Miles fan site, Reckless Kelly is still a pretty cool band.

But I can't help but laugh when I read posts like this on their "message boards" (I use that term very loosely).

They've been promising a redesign of that terrible website for at least the 3-4 years that I've followed the band. Maybe they'll finally deliver. It's overdue, but better late than never.

They could do a lot worse than giving Will, the designer of Cross Canadian Ragweed's fine website, a holler; hopefully they will find someone more suitable than the person currently maintaining it. Hell, just about anything would beat the current disaster. Look at what Mary Cutrufello has done entirely on her own.

It's not THAT hard guys. And really, when two of the members aren't even in the band anymore, it's probably time at least to update the photos on your gigs page....

(07-13-02 Update) There's a new RK fansite in the works that's BEAUTIFUL, and by the biggest RK fan that I've ever met. I would link to it, but not sure yet that she's ready to go public. Some of the old 8 More Miles material may have to migrate over there.

Did I mention what she's done so far is beautiful? I guess I did. :)

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