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Progress (Such As It Is)

My high-speed internet connection has been giving me intermittent problems for about two months now (about the time they did a major reroute in my area).

Numerous techs have come out and checked INSIDE my place, but recently I've been insisting to them that the problems are OUTSIDE, in their lines or routers. The last couple of days, the service has been down altogether. Finally -- FINALLY -- a tech actually listened to me, and checked the lines. Lo and behold, he tells me there IS a problem in the main line, and that a high level tech will have to come repair it.

For the moment, I'm back up and running, but that will likely be momentary, as the real problem still has not been addressed. I have been telling everyone I talk to for WEEKS now about the history of the problem, what various techs have done, what diagnostics *I* have run (although since they replaced my modem with a newer model, I can no longer hack into it to get advanced diagnostic info -- damn!), and that they need to send out a high-level tech to CHECK THE LINES.

Maybe, just maybe, that's going to happen soon. We'll see.

The sad thing is, this lack of communication between their diagnostic techs and service techs makes them look bad. But Time-Warner, for the money and (usually) the reliability, still blows the doors off the same tier of DSL service, at least in Houston. I've had both, and will never again relive the horror of DSL service gone bad....

Anyway, effectively being "off" the web a few days (I've used dialup for work stuff -- blech!) has given me some time to think about the pending redesign of this site (it's gonna rock!), as well as to do some reading (a book on Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin that I've been putting off forever), so it's probably a net positive.

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