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Dangerous Ideas

*** Warning: Esoteric Straussian digression ahead. Feel free to move past this if it's just not your cup of tea ***

I wonder if Jonah Goldberg picks the headlines for his Goldberg File columns.

The reason I ask is that the headline of his latest, Dangerous Ideas, reminded me of Leo Strauss (who is occasionally mentioned by Goldberg), who intimated in numerous spots that philosophy is dangerous.

And that's an interesting notion, something that I wrote about on the message boards on the site's previous host (now gone, but about to be resurrected in some form): Dangerous? How so? How might ideas be dangerous?

It's something that people far less serious than Strauss say all the time, but what does it mean?

Feel free to email me with your thoughts, if you are feeling particularly philosophical, or like Strauss, or hate Strauss, or are just lonely. :) I'm asking in all seriousness.

[Posted at 22:02 CST on 07/08/02] [Link]

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