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The decline of a once-great newspaper continues.

Here's a headline from the international section:

Leader of Madagascar Flees His Country

I've actually been tracking the goings on in Madagascar for months now, as it's a country I cover at work, and it's been in the midst of a political crisis because its former president (Didier Ratsiraka) refused to acknowledge that he actually lost the last election -- even though it's very clear that he did. What is worse is that the differences are regional, with some people of the the coastal lowlands supporting the former leader, and people of the highlands generally going for the current leader (Marc Ravalomanana).

When I saw this headline, I immediately got that nasty feeling I sometimes get when I've made a prediction that hasn't panned out; I thought that somehow, Ratsiraka's rival "coastland" government had somehow managed to stage a coup and retake the capital and "real" government.

But no. The actual story is that Ravalomanana and the legitimately elected government have forced Ratsiraka to flee, presumably ending his attempted coup.

The coverage in the Financial Times (via Reuters) is much better, right down to the headline: Madagascar's Former President Flees

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