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30 April 2001


I have a late-night habit of flipping through channels on the television before crashing. So I'm doing this tonight, and run across a CHIPS reunion on TNT. What a horrible thing. That show is probably the first work any of those people have done since the damn original went off the air. No wonder EVERY former cast member showed up to ride those cycles again. And the Estrada fellow (yes, if your immediate thought was the deposed former Prez of the Philippines, good for you!) has not aged well. I mean, not well at all. He should have declined to participate, citing health reasons. Horrible, I tell you. That was horrible. I'm scared to go to sleep now for fear of nightmares.

[Posted @ 11:00 PM CST]


CHiPS ruled man! i didn't get to see the reunion show. but i loved that show when it was out. but i've always been a sick puppy. ;)
[Posted by jonelin on 6 May 2001, 03:59 PM CST]

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