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29 April 2001

Rocking RK

I took in the International Festival today. I should say, I took in Reckless Kelly's performance at the International Festival, then bailed. The boys sounded good, and David (guitarist) has cranked it up to yet another level. I was right up front to the left, so I managed to get lots of good camera shots of David and Cody (not so many of the others). I'm trying out the Kodak 35mm black and white film that can be developed by the normal c-41 color process. We'll see how that turns out. I think some of the shots should be pretty good.

Kind of funny -- I just purchased a digital camera, yet I was shooting the RK show with the tried and true SLR. I knew the light was going to be difficult today, (cloudy day, covering over the stage blocking direct sunlight, but no covering over the back of the stage, revealing the background of white/yellow tents that reflected LOTS of light when the sun occasionally came out), and I didn't want the adventure of trying to figure out the digital camera's (more limited) manual overrides. But the new toy will surely get plenty of use in the near future.

Tomorrow, I go back to the land of idiots. Maybe I can write about Jeb banning George from Disney Orlando. Revenge, you know.

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