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23 April 2001

Weird Coincidences

About two years ago, I bought the venerable Pentax K-1000 fully automatic SLR 35mm camera off an online auction on e-bay (why they discontinued this wonderful SLR that Micah turned me on to is beyond me). To date, it represents my one and only purchase off e-bay, and it went very well (the guy threw in a zoom lens because he thought the camera auctioned a little high). It came with a Vivitar lens cap instead of a Pentax lens cap (the K-1000 has an always-on light meter, so the lens cap must be kept on it when it's not being used).

So, anyway, Callie and I are chatting a few days ago, and she reminds me that she had taken a photography class as an undergrad, and of course she was required to have a fully manual SLR. She brought out the camera and her portfolio (who KEEPS these things?!) -- and the camera was a Vivitar XC-4. The lens cap? PENTAX!

Too weird.

[Posted @ 09:20 PM CST]

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