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23 April 2001

An Authoritative Air?

We occasionally have clients in the building on our floor for training and instruction on our various products. One of them just wandered into the coffee area looking very confused, and immediately gravitated to me to ask about the coffee (we have a nifty electronic brewing machine that drains into a thermal carafe, which operation is not readily apparent if you've never used such a setup before). This was not remarkable in itself, but this sort of thing happens constantly: complete strangers wandering up to me asking for directions or other assistance. Over the weekend, a similar thing happened (which I had forgotten to write about until now): a HUGE RV (almost a bus like a band would travel in, but nicer) was puttering along West Gray as Callie and I were walking the dog, a man scanned us, the RV stopped, and the man hopped out for directions. Again, not entirely remarkable (people walking a dog SHOULD know the neighborhood, right?), except it happens constantly (see the 5 October 2000 entry for another example; I've also had Brits in London ask ME directions! Weird).

I've decided I must have an authoritative air, otherwise why would this happen as frequently as it does? Callie says it's because I'm approachable, but lots of people are approachable and don't have this happen to them. Maybe it's a combination. *shrug*

[Posted @ 09:47 AM CST]


Are you making eye contact with people, or are you looking at them or in their general direction before they approach you? You said you're a people-watcher, so it's quite possible. Maybe people see that you're Paying Attention To Things and figure you know stuff. That would be my guess.

When I'm going to ask someone for directions, I ask somebody who doesn't look too engrossed in something else, or who at least appears to be aware of my presence.

This is neat. If I ever have chance to hang out with you in person I'm going to watch you until I figure out if your behavior has something to do with it (not just your "approachable" looks or appearing to be smart/knowledgeable).
[Posted by Evelynne on 23 April 2001, 09:19 PM CST]

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