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16 April 2001

Busy Weekend

I finished with the new message boards last night, completing the weekend's site improvements (which included moving the weblog to GreyMatter). I had about 40 messages on ezboard that I needed to port over, which was a SLOW process (had to create dummy accounts, then move the messages via cut and paste logging in with the proper dummy account each time, then I had to kill the dummy accounts I had created so their actual owners can register them). There's still a bit of tweaking that needs to be done, but overall I'm pretty pleased with the effort. I wish guests didn't have to register to post a new topic, so I guess maybe Atlee's right that I need to teach myself some perl? Hmm.... In the meantime, do any of you programming gurus want to hack the Ikonboard code for me? :)

Anyway, even with that minor complaint, I am still quite happy to be done with ezboard and its multiple pop-up advertisements to go with its ugly banners, in addition to its (sometimes) overloaded servers. Now, we can rely upon my webhost's overloaded servers! ha ha. Just a joke -- my webhost rocks.

* * * *

We had quite a feast at Callie's brother's place yesterday: smoked/grilled lamb, goat, and many decadent Greek dishes that I can't even pronounce. It was a fun time.

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