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15 April 2001

Reductio Ad Absurdum

I was able to port the weblog over to GreyMatter remarkably quickly (it helps being intimately familiar with the software now) yesterday and have now said goodbye to Blogger. Just another step in making the site easier for me to manage, so that substance occupies my time.

My task for today is to finish customizing my newly installed IkonBoard and to take it live. It will replace the third-party ezboard I've been using, which, fittingly, is not working today. Of course, I need it to work at some point later today, so I can port the old message over from it. Blar.

Of course, it's April 15, which is traditionally Tax Day in the US (but I think the government has extended that until tomorrow, since it's Easter today -- how generous of the bastards). This means that I am automatically in a surly mood, even though I am getting a small "refund." Of course, the "refund" is coming because the sorry bastards are trying to bribe me and others like me (who can take a student-loan interest deduction and/or tuition credit -- or virtually any other credit you can think of). And the notion the government is eventually going to "refund" money they have taken from me via withholding is annoying anyway. Yes, it's April 15 and I am in the same mood as always. Blar.

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