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01 April 2001

Apartment Hunting and Answering Machine Msgs

I have let messages accumulate on my answering machine all weekend. I just haven't felt like dealing with the telephone at all lately. Anyone who really needs me knows the cell phone number. So I finally listened to the answering machine messages, since people were complaining the machine was so full it was no longer working. Someone from Rodale Books who's writing up profiles of people who have beaten the sugar addiction found me from the web, and wants to ask some preliminary questions that could lead to a profile being published in the book. Kinda wild. If it happens, I suppose it'll make me one of those crazed fad dieters recently caricatured (for lack of a better word). Kind of scary, though, that this writer had the wherewithal to track down my home number from webstuff. Not hard, but I didn't think most journalists had it in 'em these days. Good for him! Another interesting message concerned some poor fool who contractor was calling to confirm a roof repair quote. Unfortunately, I'm not that person. Whoops. And also, Charley Pride called and left several messages, although Charley sounded suspiciously like my friend R. Anyone, here's part of it. My friends amuse me.

My lease is up at the end of May, meaning it's time to move (and say goodbye to Cro-Magnon). Callie and I are looking for a slightly bigger place with slightly (read ANY) better maintenance. We spent much of Saturday and Sunday driving around Montrose and the Museum District just looking for rental signs and calling people. So far, we've seen two places and I need to call about a third tomorrow (and then maybe follow up with Dale, a real estate agent I've used before). The place we saw this morning is a wonderful downstairs 2 BR duplex with berber carpet (would prefer hardwoods, but berber is better than any other carpet) and an included washer/dryer (shared with the upstairs tenants). The upstairs tenant showed the place. The only problem: owner doesn't return until tomorrow, and there is uncertainty on pets. The place we saw this afternoon is an excellent downstairs 2 BR duplex with hardwoods and just a charming feel. Pluses are that the owner lives upstairs (and that he's an academic who actually knows what political risk analysis IS) and he and his wife seem like they would be excellent landlords and neighbors, they have a dog and are fine with Kiwi, a washer/dryer are included, within walking distance of the Icehouse, Mucky Duck, Ale House, Whole Foods, and other haunts, and the place is just pretty darn cool; minuses (they always exist): limited access to the yard (the wife is big into landscaping it, and I think it's pretty much "hers"), and it may not be available by the end of May (he's going to get back to me).

One place I still WANTto see is another downstairs duplex just off Montrose on Autrey in the Museum District. There's a dilapidated "for lease" sign out front that doesn't even have an area code. Upon trying the 713 version, I got some company's voicemail system. I will call back during business hours tomorrow and hope for the best. The place is carpeted, unfortunately, but from staring in the windows (yeah, I was nosy) it looks like a pretty cool place with a great layout, and a decent back yard. I also have calls in on a few other properties.

It's a strange experience, apt hunting. I have this ideal in my mind, and short of building something myself, it's hard to find that ideal. But the hunt is exciting. Except for the fact that many of these places rent in a damn hurry, and therefore you have to be ready to move if you do find something you really like. I suspect the berber carpet duplex will have applications by the close of business tomorrow, for example, and I would like mine to be on top if indeed they will take Kiwi. If not, then the search continues, and eventually (given past experience) not knowing where I will be living two months from now will begin to weigh on me! At this point, though, it's still exciting. :)

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