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01 April 2001

Searches in March

It's time for the ever popular monthly review of some of the most fun ways people are finding the ol' Reason Forum. Here are some of the best of the 500+ search engine referrals from the month of March:

Once again, our friend Professor Stuber continued to be the single most popular search item. I'm sure he can hardly contain his pride in winning this contest once more:

/search q="Gordon Stuber"
/search q=gordon stuber bbc hl=en lr= safe=off
/search q=stuber bbc
/search q=young nubile babes hl=en lr= safe=active
/search q=gordon stuber tribute
/search q=au pairs bbc documentary hl=en lr= safe=off
/bin/query p=Professor Gordon Stuber hc=0 hs=0
/results.asp q= young nannies RS=CHECKED FORM=SMCRT v=1 cfg=SMCINITIAL

There were the usual searches for women's tennis cuties:

/bin/query p=hingis ass hc=0 hs=0
/query q="venus williams nude" pg=q kl= what=web

Some search engines seem to think there's more on the site than there is:

/search q=gays in cote d'ivoire hl=en lr= safe=off start=10 sa=N
/bin/query p=trendy hairstyles b=60 hc=1 hs=1

Someone searched on one of our all-time FAVORITE Continental flight service managers:

/search q=mark barbato lr= safe=off start=10 sa=N

And then there are just the bizarre requests:

/search q=machete weblog hl=en lr= safe=off start=10 sa=N
/search q="banana party" russia hl=en lr= safe=off

Someone was probably surprised to read about the Twit for God (Richard Roberts):

/search q=school colors for oral roberts [...] hl=en lr= safe=off start=10 sa=N

Watch out for the Euroweenies:

/search q=Attack of the Euroweenies btnG=Google Search hl=en lr= safe=off

We have some photos, but not others:

/search q=marx's grave photo btnG=Google Search hl=en lr= safe=off
/u/koc q=photos of leo strauss btnG=Google Search site=search lr= safe=off
/search hl=sv safe=off q=public floggings executions images lr=
/bin/query p=Kiamichi Mountain photos hc=0 hs=0

Anyone have the answer to this question:

/bin/query p=is technology making us dumber? hc=0 hs=0

The answer to this query -- they all suck!

/bin/query p=texas backpacking trails b=60 hc=1 hs=1

And finally, we are happy to continue to provide the following:

/texis/search q="cool thoughts about life" geo=no fs=web

[Posted @ 09:22 PM CST]

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