14 November 2000

"Can you believe this f***ing mess?!"

-- My friend Mr. Hutchison on the election night fiasco


Missing:  Bulldog

We've finished up another deadline at work.  It was not as stressful as previous deadlines as we are making the transition to real-time production, and therefore the old quarterly deadlines aren't nearly as meaningful.  Our overall output wasn't great this quarter, unless you account for the fact we waited damn near all of the quarter for new computers and did most of the work at the tail end.  In any case, it's done now and time to regroup.

* * * *

One thing that has happened is I've fallen behind on email correspondence.  I need to try to catch up by this weekend.

* * * *

Someone has stolen the bulldog (jpeg here) that was in front of the apartment.  Why anyone would steal the poor broken thing I don't know.  Well, actually I do -- too many people are shits!  Still, it was amusing while it lasted.

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