15 November 2000

"Can you believe this f***ing mess?!"

-- My friend Mr. Hutchison on the election night fiasco


Mr. Hall Rings with Sanity

Micah rang last night and we talked for damn near two hours.  Funny, since Callie was asking a couple of nights previous if I had talked to him lately.  I told her no, but we'd likely talk for a few hours soon, as that tends to be the case.  Sure enough.

Like me, Micah is furious about the goings on in Florida (and Missouri).  It was nice to talk to someone who can see, quite plainly, that Gore and his "campaign team" (the campaign is OVER) have behaved disgracefully in Florida, that the legitimacy of the American election process has suffered as a result, and that American prestige abroad has been damaged immeasurably (and that we will see evidence of this when a country like Iraq moves against US interests, or perhaps when China blockades Taiwan, or something else we can't foresee).  

It was nice, for a change, to hear from someone who is not apathetic about the whole thing, or who is not resigned to such useless and inaccurate bromides as "Both parties are just the same in this; there's no difference."

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