13 November 2000

"Can you believe this f***ing mess?!"

-- My friend Mr. Hutchison on the election night fiasco


Competition Breeds Improvement

I still have political philosophy bouncing around in my brain tonight, but, like Hanah, I don't want to talk about the election.  Instead, I'll talk a little about the website.  I'm surprised that my weblog commentary -- often prone to inflammatory rhetoric just because it's fun -- doesn't generate more email.  Likewise, I'm often surprised by the journal entries that do generate email.  I tend to use the journal to work out ideas in my mind -- although sometimes the journal can be a highly refined piece of work.  Interestingly, the highly refined journal entries tend to generate the least feedback, and the least significant ideas in my "working out ideas" journals tend to generate the most interest (sometimes distracting me from working out the problems in those journal entries).  Anyway, those are just observations on an evening in which I've run out of time to develop several of the ideas that have been percolating for days.  This weekend, however, I should get around to some of those more refined types of journals.  Given this warning, I wonder if readers will act according to the correlation I note above and forgo writing me?  

* * * *

Apparently the web designers (I use that term quite loosely) for the official Reckless Kelly site are starting to notice our efforts at 8 More Miles.  Suddenly, news and other assorted items are starting to make it onto their site -- never mind that they still haven't updated other parts of the site that contradict some of the newer stuff they've posted, or bothered to do little things like change the "buy the new cd before it's released" areas now that the new CD has been out for several weeks.  But hey, their web people should keep on visiting our site (after all, it's still the only place -- the new CD included -- to listen to full clips featuring David Abeyta, the band's kickass new guitarist, or to find the most comprehensive list of RK links).  And of course you know there's a political conclusion at the end of this:  competition breeds improvement! 

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