12 November 2000

"Can you believe this f***ing mess?!"

-- My friend Mr. Hutchison on the election night fiasco


I Never Go Around Mirrors

This has been a rather intense day (even weekend) of working on the 8 More Miles site.  Callie has used a minidisc recorder to capture about 10 or so Reckless Kelly shows (usually two cds each show -- you can start to imagine the number of discs we're talking about), but we've been terribly slow to get them transferred over to true digital format largely because of the time/labor involved.  We've since found several pieces of software that help in this task, and are now trying to clear the backlog while at the same time putting the new stuff up on the website as quickly as we can.  We completed two Mucky Duck shows today, and I've transferred the individual files (the most notable ones) to the site, but haven't gone live with the latest additions yet.  It's really a tedious process, despite the tools, but one of those all-consuming, fun things to do.  

What we've discovered in going back over these shows with some care is that the boys are even better than we thought.  They've just done some amazing covers of wide-ranging people and bands:  Bob Dylan, Lefty Frizzell, Gram Parsons, Buddy Miller, Son Volt, the Police, AC/DC.  If they were a cover band, that would be one thing -- but they have enough original stuff that's good to need never play a cover!  When they do cover someone, it's just something to hear.  By tomorrow evening, more of it should be up on the site.  We're also about ready to cut a disc of covers and send it to the guys.  That should amuse them!

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