11 November 2000

"Can you believe this f***ing mess?!"

-- My friend Mr. Hutchison on the election night fiasco


Politics Surprising? Nah -- Try A&M

Many of my friends seemed stunned by the mess in Florida.  To be honest, nothing the Democrats can do stuns me any more.  I have called Clinton the first Nietzschean President -- and the Democrats have largely followed his lead in a becoming a party of nihilists.  Therefore, the fact that they have gone to Florida to utilize any technicality they can to gain power (one recount doesn't work -- go for another with subjective means in select counties likely to favor your candidate; if that doesn't work, let a bunch of idiots pursue a lawsuit claiming they voted for the wrong candidate because. . . they are idiots, etc) should not surprise anyone.  Nobody should be shocked that there is no respect for the rule of law -- but instead law has become something to be manipulated -- because today's Democratic party is the culmination of the Progressive movement that began rejecting America's constitutional and moral (natural right) tradition over a hundred years ago, and ideas are powerful -- so powerful, indeed, that this is what is happening even though Al Gore wouldn't understand the connection to Progressive rejection of natural right if his life (or, better yet, his claim to the presidency, since that seems most dear to him) depended upon it.

I don't think all Democrats are bad people, but their leadership is making them all look bad (much as Newt Gingrich's "manner" for lack of a better word made many of us Republicans look bad).  Democrats should ask themselves why good men -- honest liberals (there are such things) such as Daniel Patrick Moynihan are leaving the senate, or why honest liberals like Chris Matthews (an aide to Tip O'Neill for gawd's sake -- hardly a "moderate!" but at least an honest man) and pre-election-sellout Joe Lieberman have condemned the Clinton/Gore antics for some time now.  Honest Democrats should ask themselves if they really approve of what's going on.  Some honest Democrats do not.  Why shouldn't they take back their party from the people in charge right now, much as Republicans have taken back their party from the Pat Buchanans and Pat Robertsons of the world?

* * * *

I began by saying I'm not surprised at political events.  Indeed, what did surprise me today was that Texas A&M played Oklahoma so well.  I told Callie a few days ago (somehow, see she's fit to let me ramble on about these things!) that for A&M to win, they would have to play a near-perfect game, and Oklahoma would have to play an average-good game or worse.  Oklahoma made a lot of mistakes today, and A&M made only one major mistake (but it cost them dearly) -- and that combination along with the largest crowd ever to watch a football game in Texas nearly combined to dethrone Oklahoma in an awfully exciting football game.  But thankfully, the Sooners rolled on.  What an amazing cinderella.  Many of us used to take great Oklahoma football for granted; we don't anymore after the John Blake era.  It's nice that it's returned.

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