6 November 2000

"Parental Advisory:  If your children grow up to be rotten little shits, don't blame us!"

-- Found on the inside back of the cd cover for Reckless Kelly's new release, The Day


Task List

Here's a little change of pace:  my "to-do" list of things I planned to do after work.  I actually completed those tasks that are struck through:

1) Cook a pot of chili

2) Fix minor problems with some of the quotes on 8 More Miles

3) Move Realaudio clips from old host to new host for 8 More Miles

4) Revise Realaudio metafiles to point to new location of realaudio clips so they will stream properly

5) Dismantle the site on the old host

6) Experiment with javascript for some planned additions to audioclips page

7) Finish writing "Fact and Fiction in the Middle East" for Geopolitics.tv

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