5 November 2000

"Parental Advisory:  If your children grow up to be rotten little shits, don't blame us!"

-- Found on the inside back of the cd cover for Reckless Kelly's new release, The Day



Another weekend shot.  I spent today:  1) editing the Reckless Kelly / Continental Club bootleg recording (some damn amazing covers there), 2) finishing up the 8 More Miles move to the new host, including bringing up the new guestbook, 3) paying various bills using online bill pay, 4) backing up my files, and 5) a trip to the grocery store.  Mix in brunch, the newspaper, and some political commentary, and the day is gone.

I did not get around to writing my piece for geopolitics.tv, "Fact and Fiction in the Middle East," but I should be able to bang something out tomorrow.  I know that issue very well, but there's a deeper issue conceptually, one involving the whole notion of moral equivalence.  I'd like to capture that in the op-ed.  In thinking about the piece earlier today, I also decided that I need to write something about Analytical Approaches to Foreign Policy (how one acquires and evaluates information in foreign affairs) as well as something on approaches to American foreign policy.  Ah, lots of fun stuff to do and not enough time!  

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