7 November 2000

"Parental Advisory:  If your children grow up to be rotten little shits, don't blame us!"

-- Found on the inside back of the cd cover for Reckless Kelly's new release, The Day


Election Day

I woke up feeling horrible today.  A harbinger of things to come electorally?  I hope not.

For some time (while in college and grad school) I still was registered to vote in Oklahoma, and therefore voted absentee.  Now, some years later, I still am almost thrilled when I go to an actual polling location and vote.  I enjoy talking to the people working at the place, and the entire process.  It is really a rather amazing thing.

Early exit poll data are not confirming my prediction of an early Bush victory.  Indeed, it could be a very long night -- something I've been confident would not be the case.  Hey, you win some and lose some.  Off to Mr. Vaughn's for a watch party.

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