19 September 2000

Quote:  Recognize who you are, what you can do, and your deepest sources of pure satisfaction. Live accordingly. Rinse, repeat.



He's Everywhere

A few weeks ago, I emailed the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce to see if they could give me some details of something called the Dilla Fest, which several Texas artists (Reckless Kelly, Terri Hendrix, Slobberbone) indicate they will be playing on October 14 in Shreveport.  Two weeks later, someone from the chamber responded -- to the wrong email address (thanks for forwarding it Jonni!) -- and told me there was no such thing in the Shreveport area, and that perhaps I was confusing this with a Red Revel festival earlier in October.  Now, I listed website references to this event in my original email, and I find it hard to believe that the chamber employee didn't bother to check those references, and didn't have any clue as to this event!  I really wonder why businesses shell out cash to be members of such organizations?  Why not spend the cash on promoting your business yourself?  Anyway, I guess we'll get in touch with the band or their promoter and get the info.  Silly.  

* * * *

Speaking of RK, they've become regular visitors to 8 More Miles.  Callie and I find this quite flattering.  Since she's doing virtually all the maintenance of that site, I suspect she's even more impressed.  Kudos to her. 

* * * *

I put together a sifter-style advertisement for Club 23 Houston this evening, and did a bit more playing around with the Yahoo club.  I have some initial members in mind, and we'll go from there.  It is time to add more achievers to my life.  

* * * *

Speaking of achievers, Andrew turns up everywhere!  And it is a good thing.

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