20 September 2000

Quote:  "You are lucky you found someone who puts up with your crap!  ;)"

--Jonelin via icq today, referring to Callie


Gear Addict

I'm the typical gear addict that all backpackers are.  Breathable, waterproof, proprietary laminate?  I'm interested.  Waterproof zippers on Arc'Teryx apparel?  How'd they do that?!  Sierra Designs cut 15% off their tent weights by redesigning their poles?  Cool!  I can spend hours poking around in REI.  I *did* spend hours looking at gear made by Canadian manufacturers at various stores in Calgary earlier this summer.  Gear is fascinating -- especially the gear made possible by today's technology.  My SD tent ain't my father's oldsmobile!  Or something.  

All of that's background.  Callie rolled in earlier, and was here probably 20 minutes before announcing, "Oh yeah, I bought boots today."  Of course, I roar "What?!  Where are they?!  I wanna see!!!"  I think I scared her!  But very soon, she'll understand.  She's gearing up for her first backpacking trip with me, in October.  After that, she'll be a gear addict for life.  *evil laugh*  It just works that way.

Oh, and I know everyone's wondering.  The boot in question follows.  

Pretty, isn't it? Okay, you might be able to tell if my cheapie webcam weren't so cheap.  Trust me, it is.  Gore-Tex rocks!

* * * *

The rest of the day was good, if not a little long.  So long, in fact, that Callie and I cancelled the trip to the gym tonight.  The gymwork so far this week has just worn us out.  Plus my brain was crying for exercise worse than my body this evening.  One more day to my workweek, and then it's off to Galveston to sit on the beach and, believe it or not, read dissertation materials (Woodrow Wilson, Charles Beard, Herbert Croly, and a few others are on Kev's agenda).  Life is good.

I managed a revision to the clunky first draft of the C23H letter, but am still struggling with a sentence that reminds me of a damn social science survey.  I shall prevail!  Thanks to Andrew for comments and insight.

Oh, and I wish the Austin visitor who signed the guestbook would have left a name or email address!  I guess I should be flattered that I'm drawing "mystery guests."  *laugh*  I'm weird tonight.  G'nite.

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