18 September 2000

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The Stratfor Gooves

Today was the first day of my new 4 10-hour days/week routine at work.  It was actually an enjoyable day, aside from the facts that our network runs at less than one tenth of the speed of my home network, and that the office internet connection runs at one sixth the speed of my home connection.  Everybody at work seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood, and they all seemed to want me to entertain them today.  I'm not sure what accounted for the cheery atmosphere.  It may have been caused partially by the fact that PollyAnna and Enema were both gone today, and Howard and Farrah largely stayed in their rooms and out of sight.  BTW, I love my nicknames for those who are idiots in the office.

* * * *

This evening, I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped (I had meant to clean up the old webhost site, and work a bit on Club 23 Houston stuff) largely because the workout really wiped me out, and I got caught up watching the Cowboys on MNF (which has become dreadful -- thank goodness for the outstanding Cowboys radio network).  A number of players had outstanding games, although overall there were a lot of mistakes.  Washington is, in the words of Jim Rome, circling the drain.

* * * *

There are interesting goings-on in Peru.  As usual, the Stratfor gooves (plural of goof! *smile*) have come up with all sorts of fantastic speculation.  The problem is, every once in a while, those guys get something right, and the media jumps all over it.  Nobody remembers all of the really poor analysis they do.  Hallmark and I really ought to be doing intelligence on the web -- because it strikes me that with our combined record of predicting events in countries and what those events mean, we ought to be doing far more than we are.  The question:  while everyone pays lip service to the notion that political risk matters in international business, does it matter enough for them to spend money for us to tell them what's going to happen politically with uncanny accuracy?  Sounds like another project to me. 

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