16 September 2000

Quote:  Recognize who you are, what you can do, and your deepest sources of pure satisfaction. Live accordingly. Rinse, repeat.



Aquarium Owner, RIP

A few days ago, I wrote about the imminent closing of one of Houston's finest dive bars, The Aquarium Lounge.  This week's Houston Press had a followup on the closing.  It turns out that after closing up her bar for the very last time on 3 September, the eightysomething owner of the place collapsed on a mattress in the back of the bar and died.  The Press article was actually pretty good,  and although I'm not ever one to celebrate death, it seemed a fitting way for the woman to pass.  We should all be so lucky to go after a day of people we value coming together to celebrate our passion with us.

* * * *

This day just got away from me, and tomorrow promises to be little better.  Between running all sorts of errands and helping a friend move a mattress, it was late afternoon before I even got back to Montrose.  A much-needed nap knocked a few more hours out of the day, and before I knew it, it was GONE.  I did have a lot of good conversation with Callie today though.  That's something that has been suffering lately just because of time and commitments interfering.  It was refreshing.

* * * *

Speaking of time and commitments, Callie went over to check on the housesitting gig and was informed by one of the neighbors that we no longer needed to bother, that the housesitting people had called her to help out instead.  I was a little surprised to hear this, as I've not heard it myself from the housesitting people, and that's not what I had indicated I was going to do in the letter I sent them.  However, it is honestly a relief not to have to spend an extra hour+ per day driving across town (stressful and a waste of time) to do this, and I don't plan on thinking any more about any of it.   

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