15 September 2000



My friend Camille sent me an email yesterday.  Camille is a wonderful example of one of my friends out and about, achieving her values, and making her way.  She's a second-year med student at LSU, and she seems to be kicking some serious ass this year after a first year in which, she says, she didn't live up to her own lofty standards (memo to Eelee:  the first year of med school kicks damn near everyone's ass!).  There's been lots of talk in various places about Club 23 and what qualities its members possess.  Eelee illustrates some of those qualities.  Club 23'ers set high standards for ourselves, and we are our harshest critics.  We also recognize both potential and achievement in others.  It cheered me to see that Camille is pulling A's in what are probably the two toughest second-year courses (maybe two of the tougher courses overall) in the med school sequence.

I had the usual Friday gathering at the Icehouse tonight, which cheered me as well.  It was a small gathering, and we had to move over to TK Bittermans (where I had too many Stoli martinis) to be able to converse.  I spoke to Mr. Vaughn a bit about Club 23 Houston, because with the departure of Hanah, he and Callie are the only two people in our group (excluding myself) who have actually shown up to talk about books and such (several people have said it sounds like a good idea and never participated *shrug*).  Mr Vaughn is insightful, and brings a lot to this fledgling group.  Things continue to move forward.

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