14 September 2000

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Club 23

I wrote of intellectual boredom last night.  Just now, I looked back over the index to this month's journal entries.  These seem to reflect intellectual boredom, or laziness, or something!  Tonight, I've become re-energized.  I think this is due, in part, to an ongoing discussion in Andrew's journal and Hanah's journal, regarding "Club 23" (or Liberty 90210, or Mutants, or X-men, or whatever you want to call it).  "Club 23" is a list that grew out of conversation between Hanah and Andrew in which they speculated that there were "23 of us" and then proceeded to name 23. I don't know most of the people on the list directly (I've started referring to Andrew as the Hub), although I've heard of some of them.  After visiting a few of the websites, I'm still not entirely sure how to define "us" very well, and I'm not going to try to do so tonight.  That's a discussion for Andrew's journal anyway.  

It was, however, energizing to visit the websites of some of these people.  It's a bright group.  It's a creative group.  It's a group of people with wide-ranging interests.  It seems to be a group of people who are achieving their values, or at least enjoying the challenge of doing so.  It's a group that seems to be tackling life.  And I've ascertained all of that simply by visiting a handful of the websites of these people I hardly know.  I need to know more of them, and people like them!  People like this make me happy.  

I'm also energized in general by Andrew's outlook on life.  I've reproduced a small portion of the ongoing discussion with Jaffo, but for the full context, visit Andrew's journal:

Perhaps the best thing one can do for powerful people in particular is to help them sense their own strengths. To feel their responsibilities and to connect with opportunities.

The individuals Hanah listed are each powerful by their own awareness. Help them become even more aware!

: And most important of all -- how should
: we treat ourselves?

Even better than extremely well.

Recognize who you are, what you can do, and your deepest sources of pure satisfaction. Live accordingly. Rinse, repeat.

Another reason I'm energized by this discussion is that, to an extent, I fancy myself as someone who can identify talent and potential and bright people and gain a great deal from pulling such people together.  I've certainly not been as successful at this as Andrew (the Hub), and certainly not nearly as successful in Houston as in Springfield.  Still, even with Hanah's departure, I've managed to pull together the genesis of a fairly decent group in Houston.  And I'm inclined to use the sifter approach -- which makes a hell of a lot of sense actually -- to pull some more together.  Whether this entails getting fairly serious about the book discussions, or a We the Living/Salon-style approach, or something altogether different, I'm not sure at this point.  But I value such interaction, and I also value finding both people of talent and people of potential.  It's time to get back to doing more of that and being less bored intellectually!

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