11 September 2000



Tonight, I returned to a rather rigorous training schedule in preparation for my backpacking trip in mid-October.  The workout went pretty well, despite the fact that (I'm embarrassed to admit)  I haven't been to the gym in a month or more.  I have lost a little strength -- between 5% and 10% -- but my cardio wasn't too bad.  I'm returning to my training schedule of six days per week, which ought to have me plenty ready to take on the Ouachita Mountains.  The fall colors should be really showing then, and the Ouachitas are beautiful enough any time of year.  It should really be spectacular.

The trips to the gym actually are going to work out well.  I am going to check on the cat at my housesitting place in the evening, and then dropping by the gym on my way home.  It's an extra hour of driving per day when all is said and done, but far better than the alternative for my mental health (see my 8 September entry for details).  Unfortunately, I didn't get any dissertation work -- zero -- done yesterday, because I came home, had to take a nap (only had about 4-5 hours of sleep the night before), cooked dinner, and it was basically time to get moving towards the gym.  I think with all of my dinners cooked and stored in the refrigerator, however, and my working at home until Friday, I should get some work done on the dissertation.  I want this chapter (Chapter Three:  Progressive Historicism and the Assault on the Constitution) completed before I go backpacking.

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