10 September 2000


Ginkgo Biloba

Another weekend has come and gone.  This one seemed much shorter than usual, largely because I spent way too much of it moving and driving.  Tomorrow the grind starts again.

I was fairly productive today, in a trivial sort of way.  I got everything unpacked and back, largely, where it belongs.  I composed a letter to the people I was housesitting for.  I got the website moved over to Blar.org, and edited some of the webring links (Yahoo recently took over the Webring.org people and have made a holy mess of things).  I went grocery shopping.  And that's about it.  Kind of sad really -- no reading, no workout, no dissertation work, nothing but mundane crap.  This whole idiotic housesitting thing basically cost me a weekend of productivity.

I was supposed to help an acquaintance from work move a mattress today.  He called and gave me a 3-5 pm window.  No big deal, as I was busy with the website stuff during that time.  I never heard from him.  About 5:30, my cell phone rang, well after I had given up and decided to go have dinner.  I didn't even bother to answer.  It continues to amaze me that people will want me to do them a favor, and then make it inconvenient as hell for me to do so!  What sense does that make?  I don't have time for it, nor do I have the patience.  

I was telling Callie last night that ever since I've been taking a multivitamin supplement that has Ginkgo Biloba in it, I have had amazing clarity of thought.  I've also been much less tolerant of just about everything and everyone.  I don't think that's directly due to the Ginkgo (i.e. it having a chemical affect that tests my patience).  Rather, I think it has improved my own clarity and thinking skills -- sharp enough beforehand! -- that things just seem so clear that I really no longer have any conception of how people can't understand.  *shrug* 

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