12 September 2000



This morning, I was doing some maintenance on the computers on my home network when we discovered Callie's computer had been infected with KAK, a  nasty little virus/worm that spreads itself via active-X controls in email attachments.  After a little bit of time, it was eradicated and I upped our security settings somewhat.  Imagine my surprise when this evening, I opened an email from my mom and got the "Do you want to allow active-x controls" blah blah blah message.  Sure enough, my mom was forwarding an email from a friend of hers, and it was infected with KAK.  So late in the evening, I called my mom, and we managed to get it off her system.  And my mom got to experience the fun of mucking around in the registry and other system files for the first time!

* * * *

A service technician from IP Communications called and left a message on my mobile phone today.  He left his direct number, blamed Southwestern Bell (again!) for my DSL problems, and asked me to call him so he could have me cross the lines and do some other diagnostic tests for him!  The only problem:  I cancelled the DSL service about two weeks ago because the idiots could not get it working and could not give me any reasonable answers, and I am now enjoying faster cable service (and excellent customer service) through Roadrunner.  I just laughed.  I hope he works his ass off getting the connection I'm not supposed to have working again!  This just illustrates the problem of DSL -- broadband providers, internet service providers, and Southwestern Bell all running around screwing up things by miscommunciation among other things!

* * * *

I had a tough workout tonight.  The second night in the gym after a long (one month or more) layoff is always tough.  Tonight was no different.  The weights weren't so bad, but I wondered if I was going to finish the aerobics.  It'll be nice to get in a week of conditioning and be past all that.

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