25 May 2000


Thinking:  Perfection is elusive.

Reading for the trip:  Leo Strauss, the Straussians, and the American Regime and Robert Kaplan's The Coming Anarchy.



The float trip begins in just hours.  After a brief stint at the Icehouse to replace the traditional Friday night effort, I made a trip to Specs to provision myself with liquid refreshments, and then proceeded to fall asleep for an hour or so!  Oops.   The rest of the evening has been spent pulling everything together:  clothes, tent, sleeping bags, toiletries, icechests, etc.  I think everything is ready to go.   Things were much easier when we were undergraduates and could "cancel" Thursdays entirely to get ready to leave for the float trips on Friday!

I'm looking forward to the roadtrip.  We're taking a rather unusual route -- 59 out of Houston to 259, then cutting over at some point to Paris, where we will pick up Indian Nations Turnpike as we go into OK.  There will be some freeway, and lots of small towns.  In other words, we're going to see America.  I think it will be a great opportunity to observe, to chat with people along the way, and to think.  I'll be keeping my microcassette recorder with me, and posting the commentary in lieu of written journal entries for each day of the trip.  I'm also taking throwaway cameras, so the trip can be documented that way as well.

The canoeing/camping experience will simply be the icing.  The roadtrip and gathering with people I cherish will be the substance.  I can't wait. 

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Updates to follow, most likely Tuesday, but maybe Monday night if I'm not just exhausted.







Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited