24 May 2000


Listening to:  Reckless Kelly


Texas Music


I've spent much of the evening working on a page that will eventually contain lots of RealAudio clips from Reckless Kelly shows.  I thought about going the MP3 route, but would have had to download an MP3 recorder, while I already had the RealProducer software -- plus RealProducer is what I will use to put my Roadtrip/Floatrip Journals up.  So realaudio it was.

For those who know me, this will be old news:  I happen to think Reckless Kelly is amazing, especially given how young they all are.  They just keep getting better.   I wish I had more time tonight to put up more of their truly incredible stuff.  

* * * *

Float trip preparations are well under way.  I went to REI to pick up a few of their cheapy recycled camera/film packs for the trip.  They are having an amazing sale!  I wound up purchasing a sleeping bag liner for almost half off, which will basically make my ultralight 35 degree bag suitable for any temperature I care to go packing in.  Pretty awesome.  I like that store a lot!

* * * *

Tomorrow I go back to the office to work -- at least for half the day.  Back to a computer that doesn't work, internet access that is slower than what I now have at home, and various other things that don't work.  *sigh*  It was nice while it lasted, and tomorrow is the last day of the workweek for me, as the Float Trip begins Friday!  



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