26 May 2000


Thinking:  Old friends, new friends, friends to be made -- it's going to be a good time.

Listening to:  Reckless Kelly, Robert Earl Keen, Counting Crows, and Joe Ely, in that order roughly.

Reading:  Road signs and bumper stickers.


Roadtrip to Tahlequah


The following is a realaudio file that describes the roadtrip to Tahlequah.  That's right, open road, Texas and Oklahoma skies, small towns, Golf Balls at three for one dollar, me NOT singing Red River Valley as we cross into Oklahoma, and other assorted goodies!  I know it's a huge file, and I won't even tell anyone it's worth downloading.  I will say those who know me will probably be amused.   I was when I listened to it again!

Also, my apologies at the very end of the clip -- I actually captured a little bit of Saturday's very short entry.  Ignore that for me!

Click here for Kev's Observations from the Road, 26 May 2000



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