23 May 2000


Thinking:  Houston local news broadcasts are inane.




Today, I got a call from Adnon, the tech guy who's been working on getting SWBell to fix my DSL line.  He told me all systems were go, and I could go outside to the telephone box and rewire the DSL connection.  So I did.  And it works finally, with a few minor problems throughout the day.  The connection is FAST.   Technology just keeps getting better.  It's amazing to me that EV1 can offer this service at 30 bucks/month.  But then, it still amazes me that EV1 is able to offer dialup service, 20 email accounts, and 300 megs of webspace for 10 bucks/month.  

* * * *

Overall, it was an entirely pleasant day working at home.  I worked on Greece, which has actually become a fairly attractive play.  Relations with Turkey are almost cordial, which bodes well for development of potential hydrocarbons on the continental shelf in the disputed Aegean.  It's amazing how much easier it is to think about these things when the Idiot and Self-Important-Ass Densities are greatly reduced.

* * * *

Kiwi pulled a funny one today.  I went to shower, and apparently she didn't like the fact I wasn't able to pay proper attention to her.  So she picked up my dirty clothes, put them in a nice circle in the living room, and sat looking very amused with herself when I came out.  She didn't hurt the clothes, and she wasn't chewing them or anything.  She actually was playing a little joke on me.  I laughed.  She's a smart dog.  I can't believe there were sorry bastards who beat her.



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