12 May 2000




Kiwi, Icehouse, and Books

Today I worked at home, which was an altogether pleasurable experience.  I really enjoy working at home, where the idiot density is virtually nonexistent, where my equipment works, and where -- as of last night -- I have a really cool dog (see the thumbnails at the bottom of the page).

After work, Kiwi got her first experience at the Icehouse.  She was a little freaked out at first -- hell, I was a little freaked out my first time there -- but she calmed right down in no time.  We had a fine group this Friday, which will constitute a good chunk of the reading group I'd like to put together:  Mr. Vaughn, his girlfriend Cathy, Samantha, Hanah, Hallmark, and Callie.  Our first effort is going to be the Kaplan book, though the details still remain to be worked out with everyone.  Incidentally, Mr. Vaughn scores the point for being the first to point out that while the pooch is Aussie, Kiwi is New Zealand!  I realized this when I named her, but I wondered who would be the first to make this point.   Good job Mr. Vaughn!

It was a fairly mellow night at the Icehouse.  Most of our group had to leave fairly early, which was fine as I wasn't really up for very many beers.  Callie, Hanah, and I retired to Candle Central (otherwise known as my apartment) for pizza from Biba's, and continued our chat.  In all, it was a darn fine evening!


Pictures of Kiwi. Click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge!

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