11 May 2000





The best things in life happen to people who are open to opportunities and know how to act upon them.  For that reason, I have a dog tonight.  She's a pretty Australian sheep dog mix of some sort (Callie thinks maybe she has some Doberman in her).  It seems she's been beaten; she's terribly skittish..  The crew at Melrose (Hallmark's apartment complex) found her and took her in, but nobody there could really keep her.   Terry told me about her at work today, and I went over tonight and wound up coming home with her.  So now I have a dog!

Monica had originally named her Trout, because of her speckled colors.  Then the gay guys at Melrose renamed her Blanche -- what more needs to be said than they're the gay guys at Melrose.  I've settled on Kiwi, which is a good name for an Aussie puppy!

She's probably a year old or less.  She's been fixed, but the sorry people that beat her left her (or maybe she left their sorry asses) with her stitches in.  She's finally healing up from it, but what a sad thing.  Anyway, she's found a good place tonight, and I've found a good backpacking and overall companion.  And now it's time for a walk!


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