13 May 2000




Social Engagements

What a busy day.  This was supposed to be a work weekend, as we are finishing up a deadline.  Today was anything but!  Hallmark and I had previously put together an enchilada party for Laura, but she couldn't make it, so we thought we had scrapped it.  He calls me yesterday and tells me he forgot about inviting some other people, and it was back on again.  This came right before I started a stretch of about 3 hours of stuff with Kiwi -- a trip to Dr. Godin, the vet (a backpacker some years ago, with beautiful Colorado pics in his office; we found out that Kiwi has hookworms, and he put her on dewormer, heartworm preventive medication, and some antibiotics for her infection around her spay incision -- but he suspects he may have to go in and fix her because it may have been a spay job where they used plain old fishing line for stitches, and thus may constantly become reinfected; we should know in about six weeks).  While at the vet, Samantha called with an invitation to come over and veg for a while -- sorry Samantha, the day got away from me.  About 6 pm, I finally got done with walking and bathing and other Kiwi activities, and grabbed a nap for about an hour before it was time for Hallmark's.

Hallmark's gathering was nice.  Miss Graves was in fine form -- and also pointed out that Kiwi is New Zealand, not Aussie.  Yes people, I realize this.  Here's something else I realize that makes the name even more of an inside joke:  Australian Shepherds are not Australian at all -- they were bred right here in the good old United States.  Kiwi is not American either.  This I realize!  But I guess in a way my dog is a test to see how good everyone's sense of geography and culture is!   That's about right for me, I suppose.

Tonight was the first time I've seen Monica in about six months.  It was pleasant actually.  There are so many good things about her.  I guess the great question is always what to do about people  who could be so great with just a little boost in effort and/or self esteem.  So my all-time purge list drops to three, I suppose.  


Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited