How broke is it? (Tom Rants)

The American people overwhelmingly showed in grassroots opposition that they were willing to take the risk of a serious economic downturn rather than engage in a huge government takeover of financial institutions. Plenty of smart, free market experts were more than willing to sell their souls on this deal and plenty of people like myself were ambivalent about it all. But the American people overwhelmingly

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A ladder for a job on a roof? Who ever would have guessed!

My Dish Network “tech” came as scheduled today to re-aim our Dish (which was thrown off thanks to That Bastard Ike).

The tech came without a ladder, which isn’t much help at a two-story townhouse.

The appt was rescheduled for Saturday, which really isn’t a convenient time and shouldn’t be necessary anyway (who sends out a tech to aim a dish with no ladder?).

AT&T U-Verse just became available in our neighborhood a few weeks before That Bastard Ike hit.

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