Danger Train collision

Driver hurt in Metro Rail crash (KHOU-11 news)

A car crashed into a Metro Rail train Friday afternoon at Main and Pierce in downtown Houston.

Two women, one pushing the other in a wheelchair, nearly became victims too.

“We were right here, right here. I looked over and just saw his truck flying in the middle of the street,” said Heather MacQueen.

“Then that hit and stuff was flying everywhere,” said Debra Johnson, who was pushing MacQueen’s wheelchair. “If that pole hadn’t been there he would have hit us.”

The women were hit by debris, but not seriously hurt.

The local media have grown bored with covering Danger Train collisions, so we do not often get to post these sorts of updates any more. Thankfully, the Danger Train did not take out another wheelchair, as it has done in the past.

This is what can happen when your transit authority builds rail lines at grade down busy roads as if they are trolleys, instead of segregrating them from motor traffic like “world-class” cities do.