Another Reason To Like Caitlin Cary

Caitlin Cary is not only a GREAT musician — she also has a great attitude about fans recording her shows:

I guess I am uniquely qualified to answer this question! I’m fine with taping and trading, and thus far it seems that my fans have been true to their word when they’ve promised not to try to profit from taping. I have found a few things on e-bay, and that’s when I get nasty. Barring that, please feel

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Send Dr. Loomis To Africa

As an example of what can happen late at night, some time after the effects of a large Diedrich Latte (four shots of espresso!) have started to wear off, there was bedtime discussion with Callie last night.

It began with the discussion of the music from the movie Halloween (it’s that time of year, after all).

And progressed to, ya know, a French Horn might be able to do some of the background parts.

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Washington Is Best? *gulp*

Bill Parcells said the following at his press conference today:

“To tell you the truth, I don’t think there’s a better football city in the country than Washington.”

He then amended that to say that the city is certainly among the best.

That sure is something for a Dallas coach to say during Cowboys-Redskins week. It should make my friend Renee happy,

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Millionaire Children Sometimes Act Like Children

Jason Whitlock is not surprised that Kobe Bryant is melting down:

Kobe’s been headed for trouble ever since stories started circulating that he’d severed his relationship with his parents. Dating and marrying a child when he himself was still immature was another tell-tale sign. Kids mistake a big bank account with being grown. Immature people are in a rush to be grown so they can make all the mistakes that grown folks make.

Kobe wanted to be like Mike.

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